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Embrace the future of contract management with our leading FIDIC contract management software. C-COM’s innovative platform redefines how FIDIC contracts are administered, offering a more efficient, collaborative, and transparent approach to project management. With our solution, all parties involved in a project can benefit from streamlined workflows, ensuring that every aspect of contract administration is handled with precision and ease.
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What are FIDIC Contracts?

FIDIC contracts are a cornerstone in architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industries, representing a vital tool for professionals navigating contract management. Originating from the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC), these agreements have become the global benchmark for engineering and construction projects, with over fifty years of evolution and input from industry specialists.

FIDIC contracts offer a universally accepted structure that simplifies and harmonises contract management, particularly in international settings. Renowned for their equitable distribution of duties, risks, and rights, FIDIC contracts facilitate a trusted and streamlined approach to project execution across the AECO sector worldwide.

C-COM FIDIC Contract Management Software Features


Managing claims within FIDIC contracts can often burden commercial teams with extensive administrative tasks. C-COM elegantly navigates this challenge by offering an automated system for tracking claims. It provides timely notifications about necessary actions, advises on actions aligned with contract details, generates communications that adhere to FIDIC requirements, and maintains an up-to-date claims register.

Advance Warnings

C-COM enhances the process of issuing advance warnings under FIDIC contracts by streamlining the creation and distribution of advance warning notices. An intuitive interface enables the efficient generation of notices that comply with FIDIC guidelines, updates the advance warning register, and aids in managing the underlying risk until resolution.


C-COM simplifies issuing instructions or requests for quotations in line with FIDIC contracts. It ensures that instructions comply with contractual obligations, oversees subsequent tasks, and supports stakeholders in managing instructions according to FIDIC terms.


C-COM's variations feature for FIDIC contracts streamlines the management of contractual changes, enabling the initiation of variations through instruction or RFP with efficient follow-up and reporting. It automates correspondence generation, ensuring compliance with contractual requirements, and simplifies the process with features like proposal initiation, time bar calculations, and authority delegation workflows. This comprehensive solution enhances the efficiency of handling variations, from instruction to final determination, aligning with FIDIC standards for thorough and efficient contractual management.

Daily Diary

Adapting to FIDIC contracts, C-COM transforms the daily diary into a cooperative tool, facilitating contractors to compile contemporary site records . This feature is designed for easy completion and prompt submission of approvals, offering a comprehensive daily snapshot of site operations. It establishes a searchable record essential for dispute resolution and claim evaluation, applicable immediately and in the long term.

Risk Register

C-COM's risk register under FIDIC contracts promotes a unified approach to identifying and mitigating risks. It enables various parties to contribute to and discuss risk mitigation tactics, ensuring immediate recognition of potential risks and fostering proactive steps to reduce project delays and costs.


In the realm of FIDIC contracts, C-COM provides a platform for logging delays and unforeseen circumstances. This feature promotes enhanced project management and communication among all parties involved. It ensures that all events are documented and managed efficiently, aligning with the proactive spirit of FIDIC guidelines.

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Benefits Of Using C-COM For FIDIC Contract Management

C-COM leverages automation to streamline the administration of claims, advance warnings, instructions, variations and other contractual obligations, thus significantly lightening the administrative load on project teams
C-COM guarantees that all procedures and communications uniformly adhere to the specific stipulations of the contract, introducing a standardised method for contract management.
Digitalises Contract Administration
Transitioning contract management to a digital environment, C-COM enhances the accessibility and organisation of data, revolutionising how contract administration is handled.
Real-time Commercial Intelligence
Providing immediate access to critical data regarding contract performance and project metrics, C-COM empowers stakeholders to make timely and well-informed decisions.
Improves Contract Compliance
C-COM plays a pivotal role in augmenting contract compliance and mitigating the risk of legal disputes by ensuring adherence to contractual terms in all actions and communications.
Full Audit Trail
C-COM meticulously records every transaction and communication, facilitating a detailed audit trail that proves indispensable for resolving conflicts and evaluating claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses FIDIC Contracts?
FIDIC contracts are embraced by architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) organisations worldwide, irrespective of their size. Their comprehensive collection of standardised agreements makes these contracts readily adaptable and highly effective for various construction and engineering endeavours. They are widely acknowledged and relied upon across numerous international entities and legal jurisdictions.
How to manage FIDIC contracts?
FIDIC contracts serve as a universal contractual framework for the global AECO sector, offering a standardised language for project agreements. While these contracts lay a solid foundation for collaborative efforts, integrating cloud-based construction contract management software further enhances this process. Such technological solutions facilitate streamlined communication, bolster partnerships, and guarantee adherence to contractual obligations.
What types of FIDIC contracts are there?
FIDIC has consistently refined its contracts since their inception over half a century ago, ensuring they remain relevant to the evolving contracting needs and set a benchmark across various scenarios within the AECO sector. This suite of contracts, often called the 'Rainbow Suite,' is distinguished by the unique colour of each contract type's cover.

Key FIDIC Contracts Include:
  • Red Book: For construction projects where the employer has a significant role in design, ensuring clarity in role allocation and design responsibilities.
  • Yellow Book: Targets projects with a contractor-centric approach, increasing the contractor’s responsibilities to include both construction as well as design .
  • Silver Book: Designed for EPC/turnkey projects, the contractor is fully responsible for design and construction. It transfers more risk to the contractor so as to offer the employer greater cost certainty.
How do FIDIC Contracts Work?
FIDIC contracts are comprehensive agreements made up of several components: general conditions, special conditions, and particular conditions. General conditions set out the standard terms applicable to all contracts, special conditions tailor the contract to the specific project, and certain conditions delve into detailed aspects such as project scope, timeline, and costs. These contracts also feature mechanisms like the variation clause for project modifications and a claims procedure for addressing and resolving disputes.
Which FIDIC Contract Should I Use?
The choice of the FIDIC contract depends on the nature of the project and the distribution of responsibilities between the parties involved. Each FIDIC contract is designed with specific project dynamics in mind, ranging from design responsibilities to turnkey projects. Assessing the scope of obligations and which contract best aligns with those obligations will guide you in selecting the most appropriate FIDIC contract for your project.

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