A Stable, High-Performance and Secure Foundation for Contract Communication

C-COM is built on the latest technology and experience from over 10 years of enabling better delivery of projects in over 14 countries

Project Explorer

Access all your projects in one place, C-COM’s intuitive Project Explorer allows you to easily navigate your portfolio


Stay informed without email clutter – C-COM's in-app notifications drawer works like an inbox keeping you up to date on what's happening. Configure your notification preferences to receive important notifications by email as well.

Admin Console

Self-provision contracts and users using the Admin Console.

Authorization Workflows

Setup workflows to facilitate delegation of authority or enforce company policy which may call for GM’s or others to authorize actions by project managers.


Comment on anything, reply to others’ comments and tag specific people to make sure they get notified. Comments stay where they are made. Don’t email, comment.


Drag and drop multiple documents, photos, videos and drawings all at once to attach to anything in C-COM. Find relevant files where you expect them to be.

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